Can we use social bookmarking tags to help support work with our NAEYC Technology & Young Children Interest Forum website link collection? Let's give it a try...

After signing up for Diigo, a social bookmarking site, and downloading the Diigo tool bar or Diigolet, to make it easier to add bookmarks to your Diigo library, or to a group, search for and sign up for the ECETECH group

When you find websites that you feel are OUTSTANDING, and would be a good addition to our website, bookmark them and add them to the ECETECH group, and chose tag(s) that correspond to the sections of our website.

techchildren for the Technology with Children page
techeduators for the Tech Tools for Educators page
techhome for the Tech at Home page
techresearch for the Research page

What kinds of websites are we looking for? Here are some guidelines:

-Use the Website Evaluation Rubric to understand the criteria that are used.
-Take a look at the links already on the pages of the website to get an idea of the types of websites that are suitable to recommend, and to see what links are already there. (We often use sites that are link collections/have lots of information, as space is limited.)

The website is a community resource, maintained by a group of volunteers, and we appreciate your support to make it the best it can be, for the early childhood community. The website team can search for those tagged terms to consider recommendations, when doing periodic updates for the website.

Can we "kick it up a notch?" What about working together to create a lesson plan based on the ideas above, to help students learn about social bookmarking, how to evaluate information resources, AND participate in a community service project? The lesson plan created would be available for all to use as a teacher training/professional development activity, and would combine student learning and resource development.

UGA students created a wiki with technology examples for use with young children in Fall 2010. Check out the 5130 Tech Examples wiki.