What are some new tech tools you are excited about?

Diigo is a social bookmarking tool that provides an opportunity for keeping an individual web-based bookmark collection and/or contributing to group bookmark collection, has tools for highlight pages, adding comments, to a web page and easily sharing bookmarks with others. The NAEYC Technology and Young Children Interest Forum group shares bookmarks together in their ECETECH Diigo group. Learn more by watching a Diigo tutoriall.

Tokbox is a free web-based tool that provides the chance to send video emails and video and audio chats with many at once (the claim is up to 20 people. In the greeting mode can spice up the videos with funny masks and more...

Web 2.0 Tools and Applications
This very comprehensive web applications index is regularly updated with the latest tools. To locate a particular type of tool, use the category list on the right (and can use subcategory lists to narrow the search. For example, selecting "elearning" , then kids as a subcategory), or use the search field. Clicking on a tool icon provides information about that application, as well as comments from Twitter, Blogs, and any ratings comments about that application.

Free Technology For Teachers Newsletter--daily
This is a fantastic newsletter which comes out daily, designed by Richard Byrnes, from Maine, who is Google certified. You will learn so many new web 2.0 tools and applications and videos, etc. I look forward to receiving it every day!!! It's amazing!!!!