Interested in joining the ECETECH group on Diigo, and getting started generally? To help you get started...
A video that explains how Diigo works is: “Social Bookmarking: Making the Web Work for You” (Youtube video explaining DIIGO features; 9 min 27 sec):

What is Diigo?

Tutorial for getting started with Diigo.

Signing up for Diigo (Take time to set up now, save time later!)
  • Use Firefox as your “default” web browser. (Recommended- Firefox download: )*
  • Go to
  • Click on “Join Now” (for a free account)
  • Fill in the information required, and write down your username and password in a safe and secure area, where you can easily find it.
  • The security code (letters displayed) may be “case sensitive”, so be sure to use upper and lower case as shown in the box.
  • Set up your profile area by filling in the required information fields. (if you do not want to be identified, you can use a pseudonym.) Upload a photo (of yourself, or any photo you want to represent your contributions.)
  • You can add friends from another email account, or select “Skip”.
  • Open up the email account you used to sign up for DIIGO, select the email “Activate your Diigo Account”, click the link to activate your account.
  • Go to and follow the directions to “Download New Diigo Toolbar” and install the Diigo toolbar. (Read the directions carefully and follow them.) Restart Firefox as suggested.
  • Use search, in the top right of the menu bar, choose "Groups," and search for ECETECH. Click on that group, and click "Join Group" just below the logo on the left. A group moderator will add you to the group when your request is received. (located at: )
  • Change alert settings by clicking on “Alert settings” in the upper right hand side (section above group info), then clicking and saving your choice. (daily, weekly, etc.)

Bookmarking in Diigo
  • Now you are set up to add bookmarks easily to your own Diigo account (click on bookmark in the menu bar, if you wish, add a description, tag(s), save to a group, list, add a sticky note or comment to a web page, and/or share it with others, etc.…) Learn more about how to do it at:
  • To import your bookmarks from another bookmarking site or your web browser, follow the directions located here:
  • Some groups like ECETECH have tag dictionaries. If you bookmark a site and choose “share to a group”, if it has a tagging dictionary, those recommended tags will pop up. This can help with tagging consistency. The ECETECH tagging dictionary corresponds to sections of the NAEYC Technology & Young Children Interest Forum website

To learn more:
DIIGO homepage
DIIGO How to guide:

*You can use another web browser, but may not be able to install the Diigo toolbar and may need to use the “Diigolet” instead. The Diigolet is easy to add to your toolbar, but does not have as many features. (If you are using someone else’s computer, use the Diigolet. You can delete it easily once you’re done by right-clicking and choosing “delete”.)