ADHD Kids Means Amazingly Digital, High Definition

by Warren Buckleitner
I just made the jump to high definition, or HD, with a Sony HDR-HC9 miniDV HD Camcorder (about $800 from
It has an HDMI plug, so you can plug it directly into an HD screen (don't get one unless you have such as screen -- also about $900 or so).

[UPDATE: This is a tape-based HD camera. Prices have since dropped by several hundred dollars]

The resulting footage is CLEAR!!!
Another thing I like about this particular camera is that you can shoot clear (6.1 MP) stills --WHILE I'M SHOOTING VIDEO. Here's a sample from across the room --

This camera could be an assessment monster; for either clear stills or video. I like the Mini DV tapes because I can store them according a particular day or project. Note that Canon also has an HD camera that can do similar things. The Canon uses stand SD memory cards, and the quality is similar.