Presentations with support resources/pages related to tech use and early childhood education.


NAEYC 2011 Annual Conference Presentation: innovative Technologies, Inspired Learning: Showcasing Emergent Technologies That Can Empower Children

November 4, 2011, Orlando, Florida:
Mark Bailey, Bonnie Blagojevic, Diane Bales and Warren Buckleitner

NAEYC 2010 Annual Conference Presentation: Exploring Emergent Technologies That Can Build Community, Transform Teaching, and Inspire Learning

November 4, 2010: Mark Bailey, Bonnie Blagojevic, Diane Bales and Warren Buckleitner

"Making Social Networking Tools Work for Your Organization" was created/shared at the Engaged Communities; Growing Strong Children Conference, Sept 1, 2010

by Bonnie Blagojevic and Marnie Morneaultof the UMaine Center for Community Inclusion & Disability Studies Research Associates

NAEYC 2009 Annual Conference Presentation: Blogs, Wikis and Other Web Wonders: Using Innovative Technologies to Build Networks and Inspire Learning

November 20, 2009: Mark Bailey, Warren Buckleitner, Diane Bales and Bonnie Blagojevic

NAEYC 2008 Annual Conference Presentation:Tech Tools Showcase: Blogs, Wikis and Other Web Wonders!

This wiki page for the presentation gives an idea of some of the points shared at the session, with many strong examples/links to interesting examples of Web 2.0 tools used in early education settings.