What is social bookmarking all about? Let's do a "self-study".

Here is a "starter set" of links that share information about social bookmarking. If you have other suggestions, please add them to the list!

-Another Wikipedia article, on Social bookmarking

-This fact sheet; 7 Things you should know about Social Bookmarking is one of several found on Educause's "Seven things you should know page".

- A short, informative video; Social Bookmarking in Plain English

What is social bookmarking all about? What features are interesting or useful? Let's put heads together and create a list...

The National Association for the Education of Young Children Technology & Young Children Interest Forum has created the ECETECH group on Diigo , one of the social bookmarking sites, to share and comment on bookmarks related to technology use and early childhood education. Visit Diigo Project- getting started for instruction on how to join this group.

This sounds like a fantastic way to share web resources with our students, parents and others. It would also be a good way to organize my own favorites that I can now access in only one place. I do have some questions about it, such as how do others get into your site and how do you access your site through other computers. Also, I think Google has something similar, but it is not "social". You can import your favorites list from Internet Explorer though, which is handy. You have to add the google toolbar: http://toolbar.google.com/T4/index_pack_xp.html The video linked above is great! Sue

Hi Sue, If you click on your "my delicious" button on the tool bar you will go to your delicious page. Then you can choose the help page from there. I found the help page to be of great service. There is a section on sharing your bookmarks. Tammy

Some of my peers and I are building an online course about technology for teachers. Trust me....it will take all of us to collaborate and make it a good course. Anyway... I can see how we could be sharing our bookmarks as we find pages we would like to use in our course. We have been debating whether or not to use a textbook. If we do not use a textbook, and I think we should not, then we will need many web sources and the social bookmarking would be one manner of collaboration. I would welcome feedback about the textbook if anyone wants to offer any. I think by the time a book hits the shelves it is obsolete, especially in the area of educational technology right now. Tammy

Some people are using Web 2.0 tools to collaborate and create their own textbooks. Found this example of people creating a textbook together, in this case on Instructional Technology over at Wikibooks . (and saw several featured books of interest showcased there, including one on Stuttering, part if a series on Speech-Language pathology, Blended Learning in K-12 Education, and a Wikijunior book on the Human Body. People collaborating on a textbook, or other project wishing to share information can use social bookmarking in a variety of ways. Each person could have their own set of links, and create special tags related to the project, or set up a unique account that everyone in the project can use, with a shared set of bookmarks.

Another related story (creating instructional materials) is about Rice University's Connexions project , how it got started, and what is happening with the project now with Connexions- fascinating stuff!

Social bookmarking not only allows you to organize favorite bookmarks, making it easy for you/others to find these bookmarks from your social bookmarking website, but different social bookmarking sites have additional features. Such as the ability to track a particular topic, or persons link collection by subscribing to receive updates by email or RSS feed. So, if everyone uses the tag TYCTechChildren for suggestions of links for that area of our website, I can subscribe to that particular term and receive updates, and/or perhaps find someone who collects this kind of information, and subscribe to their site to receive an update when they add links to their site.

Something I read about but have not yet tried is that you can create a link on a webpage to your RSS feed for a particular folder, so if you want people to learn about new and exciting innovations in educational technology, you can save them with a particular tag and have a link from that set of tags that automatically shows them on the website. If you have an example, please share it here...