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Let's share resources and stories about the use of this new technology with/to benefit young children (early learning including preschool through 8 years
Do you use iPads in your classroom? We especially want your stories -- what works, what doesn't work, and practical things like how do you store them or keep them charged. My publisher (Pearson) must be given full permission in order to use the photos. Please email me with your favorite apps (or list them here).

Evaluating Apps for Use on the iPad with Young Children

What kinds of criteria do you think are important when evaluating the usefulness of apps to use with young children in classrooms? For home use?
Where do you go to read reviews about iPad apps? The following are links to sites that include reviews of apps for young children that might prove interesting, as a jumping off point.

Critical Evaluation of an iPad/iPod app by Kathy Schrock.
Children's Technology Review's Interactive Media Rating Instrument
Akron Ready Steps has shared their e-Book Quality Rating Tool on their web site, which looks at various items under categories such as Ease of Use, Multimedia, Interaction.

Children's Technology Review
Common Sense Media Mobile App Reviews- Categories include 2-4, 5-8.
Education Apps Review- Categories include Toddler, Kindergarten and Early Elementary.

Related discussions can be found here:
Evaluation Rubric for Educational Apps
Discussion Topic: What makes an App "Educational"? from the co-founder of Moms with Apps

Using iPads with Young Children

Let's share stories and "ahas" about the use of the iPad with young children. What kinds of activities involving the iPad are you offering young children? What kinds of observations and discoveries have you made about children's use of this new technology, and new opportunities to use the iPad to support children's learning?

• "Setting Up a Multi-touch Preschool" (CTR, March 2011) offers an eight step plan with costs and list of apps for each area of the room.

Taxonomy of Touch wiki page for a developmental perspective on how children interact with the iPad. Be sure to explore the link to the Youtube examples.

Aiden's iPad - Jeremy Brueck, Akron Ready Steps, University of Akron, OH
This video is of my 3 year old son. He loves the iPad and iPod Touch. I make a number of apps available for him to use. In this clip, he is demonstrating a couple of Kindergarten.com apps that are available through the iTunes Store.

Young Children and iPads, Maine is a wiki intended to support conversations/round tables that have started in Maine to discuss how to use the iPad with young children in developmentally appropriate ways.

iPad VideoThis video shows a 3 year old girl teaching her friend how to use the iPad. Her friend then goes on to teach her teacher how the iPad works.

Interesting articles/resources about iPad use
ECETECH Diigo groupmembers of the Technology & Young Children Interest Forum share web resources/ links on their ECETECH group on Diigo. Use search terms such as iPad or apps.

http://www.ipodsibilities.com/iPodsibilities/Home.html-- This person presented at the CECA-CT conference in Hartford, CT on October 18th. While I wasn't able to attend this particular session, I did check out this site and it has some valuable resources for the iPad.

Young Children and iPads, Maine, to promote statewide conversation and resource sharing about the appropriate use of iPads with young children. Includes some interesting video examples and links.

What apps are you using? If you have a list, perhaps you can share it here;
Bonnie B's list on Appolicious
Akron Ready Steps iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad apps
iPads in Education- Kathy Schrock's website includes links to lists of app recommendations.